So bad at posting

12 Sep

I’ve been so terribly bad at keeping this blog updated, I’m going to do my best to write some more about my tt and the laser treatment soon!


Haven’t posted much

26 Apr

I’ve been really bad at keeping this blog updated. I will make sure to post something soon and posts pics like i’ve promised before.

Until then i’ll update you all on my progress thus far, the tinnitus is pretty stable now, it’s quite low most of the time with peeks one or two times a week. It feels like i’m getting some progress tough it’s not as intense as it could be last year after treatments so it must be going well 🙂

Irradia lasers

23 Jan

Just got my lasers from Irradia today! So thrilled! Hooked everything up the moment i got home, read trough the manuals and went on with my treatment. Unfortunately one of the lasers decided to not work properly so i hope this can get fixed by Irradia soon.

Otherwise everything worked great, didn’t feel the dizziness you can get sometimes from only irradiating one ear at a time so i’m happy about that! I’ll hook you all up with some pictures of the main unit and probes soon, also promised to put some pictures up of my Konftec units so i will try to get some pics of those too, wont be using the Konftec units anything now that i have my Irradia lasers but there might still be people interested 🙂

New Year!

5 Jan

So 1012 is here and I want to wish you all a happy new year, I hope this will be a good one for everyone!

Today has been a good day tinnitus wise, it’s been the lowest that I’ve had in quite a while, maybe a 1-1,5 at tops. I don’t know why this is? Maybe it’s because i just started using my lasers again after a months break.

Even tough it has been quite a noisy Christmas and i was at this crazy party the whole night on new years eve my ears have been holding up pretty good most of the days. I hope my T can stay this low for a while now, would be the best new years gift ever! 🙂

I recently were in touch with Irradia also, going to get my hands on those lasers I’ve been talking about for a while, to start with I’ll rent them for 6 months and then if i keep getting great results I’m definitely going to buy them and maybe even start helping others that has been cursed with T.

And again, i wish you all a great year and keep those positive toughs! 🙂

Some followers

18 Nov

I’ve noticed that i’ve been getting some followers and a lot of hits to the blog lately even tough i haven’t really updated anything so here goes.  Since my last post i had about a months break from treatment where my tinnitus has been a bit up and down but mostly on the low side, some days have been a bit louder but not close to ear deafening like it could be in the past after a period of treatment.

So now after i had a month of i started doing some lasering again, still only have the Konftec lasers at home so I’ve been using those. Have to get my hands on some Irradia lasers after my next break since those are the ones that have done the most difference for me in the past i believe.

Anyhow i started with using the lasers 4 days the first week, 30 minutes of 660nm and 30 minutes 780nm each time. Then i did it 3 days the week after that and this week I’ve done 2 days of treatment, i tapered down like this because i got a pretty strong reaction the second week and didn’t want to upset it to much.

It’s been quite a roller-coaster these last weeks, it hasn’t been extremely loud but the sound has been changing quite allot, right now i have this quite sharp noise in both my left and right ear, a bit louder in the right one. But it feels good, this is what’s supposed to happened when it’s healing, the sound getting sharper and more defined is a sign of healing and the tinnitus going up in frequency.

I hope more people will find my blog and follow me.  I will try to update it a bit more often, maybe even try to include a calendar of sorts so people can follow my treatment plan.

Make sure to also read some of the other blogs and resources out there, i will make sure to post some links, stay tuned!

A while now

17 Sep

It was a while since i last posted something now. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, trying to not putting to much thought into my tinnitus most of the time even tough it’s been pretty active.

Since my last post the tinnitus i believe has changed for the better, it’s so hard to tell at times because it keeps changing from day to day being very active and feeling quite loud most of the time but not taking over from anything else unless it’s quiet.  But then i also have these awesome days when the tinnitus is feeling very low unless i have my earplugs in, it’s such a smooth noise and i go to sleep like a baby on nights like these.

I’ve read that the tinnitus will be going up to a higher pitch and it will feel louder while it’s healing even tough it’s just changing to a higher pitch noise so i really hope this is what’s going on right now cause it feels like the pitch is slowly changing upwards most of the time. I’ve also been very warm behind my ears allot of the time, much warmer than the rest of my body, i hope this is a sign of the healing progress too.

To sum up the treatment I’ve had for the last couple of months I’ve gone trough 10 sessions (2 each week for 5 weeks) of laser treatment with 650nm, 35mw laser for 20 minutes, 808nm, 450mw laser for 10 minutes and then 4-6 minutes of irradiating around and behind each of my ears with a 904nm superpulsad laser.

I also used my konftek lasers some during this period.

After this i took a one month break to let it rest a bit until i continued treatment with my konftek lasers for 4 weeks, starting of with double dosage (60 minutes with each laser each day) the first two weeks, using my laser 5 days each week.

Then the third week i did normal treatment with 30 minutes of each laser and the fourth week i only used my laser for every second day doing 3 treatments that week.

I’ve now had one week of from the lasers but think i will be doing a normal 5 days of treatment every second week for a while now and then take a longer break again soon.

A bit worse

5 Aug

Feeling a bit sad right now. Tinnitus is a weird thing, I’ve been feeling quite good for a couple of days. Taking it easy and resting. Then yesterday a friend called me and asked me to come over for some beers and just hang out.

There were a couple of other friends there to, we talked, drank a few beers and listened to some music, not to loud tough since I didn’t feel bothered by it and my ears felt great at the time and of course I had my ear protection in.

I have done similar things now and then but not to often, usually I don’t notice any big changes in my T but from yesterday it has gotten much louder in my right ear mostly. I’ve been feeling a bit of anxiety over this the last couple of hours and I hope it wont stay like this for to long.

This is so stupid, there has been plenty of times where I have been under much more stress noise wise and nothing happens, and now after just a couple of beers and some socializing I get this shit in return.

Tinnitus sucks BIG TIME! Over and out.